"Jose is GREAT! Very easy to work with... I just wish that I had a lot more time with him (on EN VIVO) beyond the very limited 30 minutes, and for ONLY 1 day a week. A tool like this is of great value and students should have access to it throughout the entire semester, every day!

Giovani Ghironzi, Mount San Jacinto College.

"Elizabeth is great, very patient and nice! I love her!

Ruoxi Li, Tulane University.

"When I first met Maider, I was shy and unprepared for this experience, but as I got more involved, I started to have more fun with the language. She increased my interest in the language in a way I didn't know was possible. My love for the language grew, and she brought out my best, because it was a mutual friendship based on shared interest in the language. I love when people are so passionate about what they do that they reach out to help others. She definitely that that with me.

Reynaldo Campos, Mount San Jacinto College.

"My language coach helped me every week with the material we were learning and made me more confident in the Spanish language. She also kept sessions exciting and fun!

Jack Hayes, Xavier University.

"Outside of class, En vivo has been my only exposure to the language. I hope to incorporate the teaching as I meet other Latin speakers.

Olivia Greer-Brown, Xavier University.

"Guillermo was really awesome in my coaching sessions. He taught me a lot and made me enjoy the sessions.

Marcus Huggins, Xavier University.

"My whole experience has been beneficial to my learning Spanish and to my pronunciation and communication. At first, I was extremely skeptical, but I now see the importance of En vivo. My comfort level has risen because of the usage. My coach, Josue Abner, has been very accommodating, patient, and understanding during this learning experience. I feel like the coach makes all the difference in the experience. I look forward to learning more in the future!

Christopher Banez, Jackson State CC.

"My language coach is now my new best friend.

Megan Belinski, Xavier University.

"I had the pleasure of speaking Spanish with Yocelin, who was absolutely wonderful. She was very helpful, insightful, and kind. Later in the course, my coach changed to Guillermo. He was extremely kind, funny, and knowledgeable.

Judith Cheng, Moorpark College.